Marvel, through MTV, announced Brian Michael Bendis would revisit the world of Old Man Logan as part of the upcoming Secret Wars event. He’ll be joined by new Marvel exclusive artist Andrea Sorrentino. The story picks up where Mark Millar’s original Old Man Logan story left off, with Logan venturing out to make his world a better place. Just as we saw in the dystopian future story, Logan’s world is one run by some of the most heinous villains who have organized to overthrow and slaughter most of the superhero population leaving America decimated.

It was also noted that this Secret Wars tie-in would have direct ramifications to the main crossover event. Bendis also mentioned revisiting another event for a different Secret Wars tie-in. “The end of the Ultimate Universe is an event, the return of Old Man Logan is an event, the other book I’m doing that we haven’t announced yet is an event… It feels like you are writing a very important Marvel comic because you know that the repercussions of all of this will be felt for years to come. That is a good feeling.”Could he also be continuing another Millar and McNiven story with Secret Wars Civil War?

We know he’s doing Ultimate End, and now Old Man Logan. What event should the Marvel architect visit next for Secret Wars?