Over on his Tumblr blog, writer/artist/Backstreet Boys maven Bryan Lee O’Malley has explained that – due to a shoulder injury he suffered last year – his next project Seconds will be delayed until 2014.


His first major project since the conclusion of Scott Pilgrim, not much is known about Seconds at this point. We know that it will be set in a restaurant of the same name, and be inspired by some of O’Malley’s own experiences. However, the details of the story remain refreshingly mysterious at this point.

Due to his shoulder injury, O’Malley has had to spend the last six months or so in recovery, and has only been able to do short bits and pieces of work (such as his cover for Young Avengers #1) during this time. As he explains:

I was about halfway through writing/penciling the book when I had to stop, and it was really daunting to get back to work on it. That’s why I’ve been doing side projects recently like the Young Avengers cover and Battle Royale poster… it’s been helpful to work on smaller projects as I warm up from my time off.

Seconds will be published by Random House. Feel better soon, Bryan!


  1. Bryan I wanted to say thank you for creating Scott Pilgrim. It really affected my life I related so much to it. Hope you get well soon.

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