The big news, as promoted by DC, was that Geoff Johns was capping off his 9 year run on Green Lantern.  That’s not the entirety of the Green Lantern news.  A look at the actual May solicitations reveals EVERY title in the Green Lantern family of titles is wrapping up their run.GLCOR_Cv20

Peter Tomasi and Green Lantern Corps?  It’s a wrap.
Tony Bedard and Green Lantern: New Guardians?   Done.
Peter Milligan and Red Lanterns?  Over.

Variations on the phrase “conclusion of their run” abound.

No word on any changes in the Larfleeze backup in Threshold.

After the success of the “Sinestro Corps War,” several years back, Green Lantern turned into it’s own small family of books, complete with crossovers.  Geoff Johns was pretty clearly driving that train.  Green Lantern has been a fairly prominent title for DC, selling roughly between 75K-90K copies during the relaunch.  You’d naturally ask if the franchise could support 4 titles and crossovers without the star power Johns brings to the table.

There is no indication the titles have been cancelled, so it looks like June is going to see some kind of relaunch for the whole Green Lantern line, replete with new writers (and at least a couple new artists) on the various titles.  It’s entirely Tomasi, Bedard and/or Milligan will be moving to a different title in the family, but it’s equally possible it will be entirely fresh blood.

It will be very interesting to see who gets to drive one of the choice franchises.  Is a “name” going to show up or will someone be promoted?

This also suggests June is shaping up to be a pretty big month for DC.  There should be 6 new titles to replace the lastest cancellation wave and another 4 new creative teams on the Green Lantern books.  That’s 10 fresh starts, plus whatever other creative changes happen for June.  (It seems like there’s always one or two at the last minute.)


  1. My prediction is that they’re clearing the decks for all of the Green Lantern books to be written under the singular creative vision of legendary science fiction novelist Orson Scott Card.


  2. Glad to see some new talent coming on board for Green Lantern. Sinestro and the Rainbow Corps is getting pretty tiresome.

    Would love to see DnA take over GL. They “get” comics set in sci-fi universes, plus they’ve got the chops.

  3. “under the singular creative vision of legendary science fiction novelist Orson Scott Card.”
    So he will be writing about the Earth-Two GL, right ;)

  4. Way past time for some new blood on the GL books. The Rainbow stuff wasn’t great to start off with, and it’s beat to hell now. If DnA took over, I’d give the books a shot.

  5. Svott, Card is a basher. He said: “he dark secret of homosexual society—the one that dares not speak its name—is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.”

    It’s a goddamn fact that homosexuality isn’t caused by rape/abuse/etc. There are gay animals in the wild. Did an otter molest a dolphin to make that dolphin gay? Jesus.

  6. DnA would be awesome. I love their Hypernaturals from BOOM!. It still has the cosmic feel they brought to Marvel during Nova and GotG. I really miss both of those titles. I am on the fence about Bendis/Loeb reboots/continuity adjustments to those series until they get a couple of issues in.

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