Continuing their mini-series releases, SPACE FACE BOOKS is gearing up for another string of tiny-sized comics from some of indie’s most notable cartoonists. Joining the likes of ALEX SCHUBERT, CHARLES FORSMAN, and SIMON HANSELMANN, Toronto’s PATRICK KYLE is throwing his name in with the release of FOREIGNERS, a short story that takes a look into the human/alien relationship of the distant future…

2012 was a great year for Patrick Kyle. He produced the astounding Black Mass compendium and wrapped up the first story arc of his ongoing series Distance Mover. His Tumblr is ripe with daily illustrations and comics that make it clear that he is an undeniably prolific and talented young cartoonist.

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FOREIGNERS, an upcoming release with SPACE FACE BOOKS, is a 12-page story that highlights Kyle’s ability to deviate from narrative and form in a way that is refreshing and entertaining. While the text is minimal at best, FOREIGNERS excels at creating its own free narrative, as each page is devoid of gutter and spacing, allowing for an exploded, in-your-face page structure. It’s a short book, but each page is packed with converging illustrations that make it a vibrant and complex read.

Along with FOREIGNERS, SPACE FACE BOOKS is also releasing mini-comics by Joe Kessler, Sam Alden, and Gabriel Corbera, all pocket-sized at 3.5 by 5 inches. Check their store for their release later this month!

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