Saturday? Sunday? We’re headed to the finish line, with the Dead Dog Party on the horizon!

We’ll have more posts today, tomorrow, and the next week.

For now, here are the highlights from Saturday, and lots of pictures! Enjoy!

Who won the battle of the fans Saturday? Marvel or DC?

Marvel v DC: Who Walked Away the Bigger Hero at Comic-Con?

And that’s the environment Marvel has so thoroughly cultivated at Comic-Con. The massive screens lining the hall, which Warner Bros. brought in some years back, were used to dazzling effect and the whole thing took on a concert atmosphere. Later, when Michael Rooker and others from the cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” took to the stage in-character and decked out in full makeup and costume, it felt like the hall was being treated to a variety show.

I think DC did the better job, given that they had to rise out out the hole created by Batman vs. Superman. The Justice League trailer seems to have done that, and the Wonder Woman trailer hit 7 Million views since it went live Saturday.  (This is another argument for posting the trailers immediately to the Internet after Hall H presentations.)

Why Captain Marvel’s Kelly Sue DeConnick is “Psyched” About Brie Larson Being Cast

Did DeConnick have a different actress in mind for the role? She did, but you’d need a time machine to pull it off. “My dreamcasting—or the actor who is the voice in my head—is Kathleen Turner from about 1983. She could be both sexy and awkward and powerful. She could do all of those things at once.

Comic-Con: Max Landis Will Pen ‘ Pepé Le Pew’ for Warner Bros.

Writer Max Landis (Victor Frankenstein) revealed at Comic-Con that he made a successful pitch to Warner Bros. to pen the screenplay for a new animated film featuring the cartoon character of Pepé Le Pew. Landis revealed the news during a Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency panel on Saturday; Landis created the BBC America comedy sci-fi series Dirk Gently.

Henry Cavill Goes Undercover at Comic-Con, Surprises Will Smith

Future Onion headline: “47% of cosplayers at Comic-Con are celebrities in disguise”.

How Harper Lee (and Donald Trump) Brought Back Bloom County

“I remembered her connection to my stuff, and how I might have taken her—and maybe all of you—for granted when I stopped doing it,” Breathed told the crowd. “I didn’t want to not take advantage of this extraordinary gift that artists get to develop an audience and a readership, and [to reach] people who believe in stuff that they make up. That was Harper Lee’s perspective.”

Comic-Con: Joss Whedon on the problem with modern movies and how to solve it

“Thank you guys for coming out to watch my nervous breakdown,” Joss Whedon said, on a platform by himself in a 7,000-seat auditorium.

How do you know Whedon’s important? You know Whedon’s important because Comic-Con gave him an hour in Hall H, the holy site of its biggest and most in-demand panels — he followed Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead —  to sit on the edge of a table and answer questions from the audience. That’s it.

I hope there’s a transcript.

Yup…. Not a lot of news. Hall H, Warners Brothers and Disney/Marvel sucked up most of the oxygen from the journalists. Nothing as crazy as last year’s Star Wars panel, but lots of news, and a few unintentional spoilers.

But here are some pictures to fill it up…

Nancy Cartwright has an art exhibition at the Chuck Jones Gallery!


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