Earlier today at SDCC Marvel spoke about some of their female-led titles, and dropped the news that Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur will be continuing into a third arc this November.

Called ‘Moon Girl – The Smartest Person in the World?’, the storyline unfolds out of recent… events that took place in the current Civil War 2 storyline. Without going into any details about what’s been going on there, because we must always be fearful of spoilers, we’re going to see Moon Girl prove herself to be smarter than anyone else in the Marvel Universe. More or less.

When given an unsolvable puzzle to solve by Bruce Banner, the greatest minds on Earth all fail to find a way to solve it. Not Tony Stark, not Doctor Doom, and not Reed Richards – but Lunella LaFayette? Well, she’s got a plan.

The creative team for the series will remain consistent here, with Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare staying on as writers, whilst Natacha Bustos will provide pencils and Tamra Bonvillain the colours. As you can see above, Reeder will also be continuing with the covers – I spot references in the above image to Iron Man, Spider-Man, Punisher, Hulk, Reed Richards, Hawkeye, Prof X and a whole lot of others too. Care to see if you can name ’em all?

The storyline begins with November’s issue #13 of the series.


  1. Given how horrible sales have been, it makes little sense to keep the same writers/artists on it.

    Let someone else have a shot.

  2. @Molokai

    Books like this, Squirrel Girl, Mockingbird, Hellcat are clearly intended for the digital and bookstore market, how much they sell in the DM is secondary. Squirrel Girl sells just 15k, but it’s a New York Times best seller and its collections keep charting in DM more often than the X-Men or Spider Man collections, that after the first month completely disappear. Ms. Marvel it’s just mid–list at 30k but with record digital sales and more than a volume appearing every month in the TPB charts it probably makes as much or more money as a 50-60k floppy with average digital and TPB sales. Moon Girl it’s the more all ages of the last wave of titles so if it manages to do well outside the DM with its first collection it will probably survive without too much problems.

  3. @br31n

    It would probably help if “Moon Girl” was getting any sort of on-line pub. It’s not. There has been very little on-line hype about “Moon Girl” outside of people like Heidi. I know of literally no one in the three comic shops I frequent who is actually reading this, I never see people flipping through “Moon Girl” trade paperbacks at Barnes & Noble, and I never see anyone reading “Moon Girl” on their phones or tablets when I ride the bus or go to Starbucks.

    Ten years from now, “Moon Girl: The Smartest Person in the World” will be found in $0.25 bins alongside “Power Pack,” “Major Bummer,” “NFL Super Pro,” and “Image/Valiant Deathmate.”

  4. Also, they need to redo the character designs for Lunella.

    Get rid of the “afro pig tails” and the goggles. I know they’re trying for an “anime-esque” look but she just looks obnoxious.

    Maybe have her with a close cropped afro or corn rows.

    And start focusing on black issues. I might actually start reading if Lunella would get involved with Black Lives Matter or something.

    Kind of like how I refuse to read “Ms. Marvel” until G. Willow Wilson starts focusing on issues facing Muslim women like honor rape and genital mutilation, or having Ms. Marvel be attacked by Islamic extremists b/c she doesn’t wear a hajib.

  5. I did not even KNOW about this character! Are you telling me that this has been out for a while?!?! I can go to B & N and get this? It’s on!! :-)

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