While Sunday night marked the end of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, it also brought the debut of director and pop culture icon Kevin Smith’s new talk show Geek!ng Out on AMC television. Smith along with his show co-host Greg Grunberg came to Comic-Con to talk about how their new show is about “more than just another two white guys talking about pop culture.” Smith’s original vision of the show was to make a “Sportscenter for people who don’t watch Sportscenter.”


Geeking Out had its debut this past Sunday night with their Comic-Con special episode airing on AMC. One which featured Smith talking to Matt Damon about the new Bourne movie and Grunberg interviewing Star Trek Beyond Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino.

We witnessed the crew shoot several segments during the show which made it to air. Grunberg threw some swerves on the Star Trek red carpet as he took cameras on the other side of the velvet ropes. Sneaking up on co stars of the film and shouting at them was part of the fun Grunberg wants to bring and something only someone in his unique position could do. The crew also shot a few bits with convention goers on the floor.

During a private session on Saturday morning, Smith and Grunberg got to talk with us a bit about what makes Geeking Out more than just a late night talk show in geek clothing.

Smtih gave credit to AMC for being the only network that could do a show like Geeking Out, “This is the only network that can do this type of programming. Kirkman’s show opened the door for programming like this at AMC… this is the network that did Talking Dead which is the number one late night talk show.” Grunberg added, “The interviews are not your traditional interviews, you can see it on the faces of the people we talk to.” In one of the episodes fans will see an interview with Charlie Hunnam which Grunberg is excited for fans to see a side of the Pacific Rim star you’ve never seen, “He’s articulate and knows so much about cinema, you’ll learn what he geeks out about.”

While much of the reaction to the show’s official announcement was positive, Smith found a few negative comments online which offered a valid opinion about the show being just more white people talking about pop culture. Producers of the show made it their mission offer different shapes, sizes, and genders of popinon. Smith is bringing many of his industry friends along for the ride including DC All-Access host Tiffany Smith. Kevin even talked about her being the only person who gets to speak to the Suicide Squad cast during Comic-Con. Also to appear during the shows initial run is LA Times film section editor Marc Bernardin who can also be heard on Kevin’s Fatman on Batman podcast. Not yet confirmed, but the pair are hopeful to have KROQ radio’s Ralph Garman on the show as well.

The pair behind Geeking Out are going through every page of their Hollywood address books. When asked who would be their “white whale” guest for the show. Smith and Grunberg both gravitated toward filmmaker Steven Spielberg. As much as they both geek out over Spielberg’s work they would be curious to find out what fandom Spielberg is adamant about.

Geeking Out’s Comic-Con episode debut was a strategic early tease geared towards the target fanbase. However, the show will officially start when Fear The Walking Dead returns and if you’ve caught the Comic-Con special expect more of the same as Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg mix a little bit of Entertainment Tonight with Mad TV.