Teased over the past few days leading up to SDCC 2016, Aspen Comics are looking ahead to a new starting point once their recently launched Fathom/Soulfire crossover, Revelations, wraps later this year. Though the publisher remains coy about specific details, they do have big teases for their loyal readership.


Aspen Matthews’ new Revelations look appears to be here to stay as indicated by the above image. While no specifics can be mentioned right now, Aspen is set on launching their Wave Two initiative later this year with one of the flagship titles readers know – whether it will be Fathom or Soulfire is still being debated.


Could we simply be getting new editions of stories such as Shrugged or Charismagic? Aspen: Revelations may have been the first crossover – but it looks like it won’t be the last, with Charismagic and Shrugged looking to cross paths in the new Aspen universe. Before Revelations began the publisher did show interest in bringing together some of their other unique properties.


New volumes of fan favorite books Bubblegun and Jirni will be coming respectively in this new wave of the Aspen Universe. No hard time frame has been given for when we will see them, and at this point it remains unclear if both the team of writer J.T Krul and artist V.Ken Marion will be back for this new volume.


It may seem strange to readers for a publisher to come to the biggest show on Earth and only bring teases. Aspen Comics themselves are in a mini resurgence after launching the company’s first inner property crossover with Aspen: Revelations and their recent Michael Turner DC Rebirth and Marvel covers have been selling out online, with an apparena rush to the booth during SDCC itself.

It feels to me that Aspen has  managed to escape the trope major publishers have fallen into of revealing too much of their hand before the “earth shattering nothing will ever be the same crossover” has had a chance to build a meaningful resonance itself.

We’re sure to find out more about what Aspen Comics Wave Two will bring – but for now fans can be content enjoying the meeting of Aspen Matthews and Malaki.