There are spoilers for the current arc of All-New Wolverine in this post.


Marvel didn’t have any new titles to announce at their ‘Death of X’ panel yesterday at SDCC, but they made up for that with the news that the deservedly popular All-New Wolverine will be continuing on in earnest later this year, with a big new storyline from writer Tom Taylor and artist Nik Virella called “Enemy of the State II”.

That title obviously indicates what’s going on here, as this is a spiritual sequel (with, uh, the same name) as Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s lengthy Enemy of the State storyline from a while back. In that series, Wolverine got involved with Elektra and the Hand, came up against an enemy who could turn you to stone with a look, and was brainwashed into killing a lot of people. And that’s where the connection between the two stories comes into play.

With Laura Kinney’s frequent torturer Kimura back on the scene recently, things have been heading into very dangerous territory for Wolverine, and here it seems Taylor has some really quite dark plans for the character. In this announcement interview on CBR, he says:

It begins with Laura being used to commit a terrible crime, which will see the State hunting her. She will be doing all she can to track down who used her, while also evading those who want to bring her in.

So we’ll have her keeping one foot ahead of Nick Fury, whilst tracking down who it was that did this to her – and why. Virella’s arrival on the title as artist is also pretty exciting here. You may have seen her recently on the Hyperion series, which was a really fun and character-driven artistic run.

Enemy of the State II will begin in October’s issue #13 of All-New Wolverine.