Lego Marvel’s Avengers held a rockin good time with its host Kinda Funny’s Greg Miler. The group consisted of Arthur Parsons Director at Tt Games, Matt Ellison Producer, Bill Rosemann creative director Marvel Games, and Mike Jones executive producer Marvel Games. Combined Arthur and Matt have worked on almost all the Lego games. Bill Rosemann who worked on comics for 20 years at Marvel is the authenticity gatekeeper for the Lego Marvel franchise. This Lego franchise has gatekeepers between Marvel, Lego, and WB.

The currently circulating trailer for Lego marvel’s Avengers was rolled for the two people in the room not familiar with the game. This new game focuses on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe using the Avengers film as a jump off point. Lego Marvel’s Avengers is more a spiritual successor than a straight sequel to the previous Marvel Super Heroes game. The game’s main mission sees players go through key events of the MCU while blending the unique humor everything involving the blocks is known for.

Characters who haven’t yet appeared in the MCU will be included on the game’s roster. A few clips from the game’s E3 demo were shown where Bruce Banner rides in during the battle of New York to punch out the Chitari monster. Team up moves are a big selling point of the game we’ve seen Cap throw Black Widow off his shield and during the panel a few others were shown such as Throw hitting cap’s shield.

This new game takes everything gamers love about the previous and puts a layer of new on top of it. Once example saw Hulk super jump his way across the city. Clearly the team has added missing elements such as a form of flight for larger characters

100 new characters coming to Lego Marvel’s Avengers. One of the cornerstone philosophies of making the game was to

Stan Lee just invaded the panel to announce himself as a fully playable character. He’s sort of the Iron Stan as he goes through suits similar to Iron Man. New Quicksilver and Vision gameplay also got demoed. Pietro’s speed effects don’t rely on a bunch of blast lines, instead it makes gameplay


Young Avengers Wiccan, America Chavez, Crossbones, Detroit Steel, and Sam Wilson Cap will also be part of the roster. TT is dead serious when they say they’re going deep in the Avengers bench.

Going through different character variations is also updated to feel like Lego Batman. When using Iron Man a push of the button goes into Tony’s HUD which then let’s the player change into different suits with unique abilities.

Audience questions rounded out the panel which included “who would win in a fight?” The answer of course being Marvel characters.

Greg Miller himself tweeted a request for Spider-Gwen during the panel.

Another fan asked about an expansion for the open world New York. Different places will used in the game as Age of Ultron was a global film.

A touchy subject of drone characters filling in the boasted number of characters was brought up. The team promised 100 new characters not 100 drones.

To close the panel a laundry list of wishes were shouted including the new Ms.Marvel and again Spider-Gwen.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers releases on major game consoles this winter.