By Todd Allen

JMS has new co-workers

Legendary continues to pick up more name creators.  We already told you about Waid, Brooks and Davis. Now we hear J. Michael Straczynski has a project at Legendary:

The panel then introduced surprise guest J. Michael Straczynski to announce “The Majestic Files.” The series will be a retelling of the Roswell myth and the alien landing there. The writer said the challenge of dealing with that is that it’s been so long since the supposed incident happened, that it’s hard to make a mystery where one can find out what the government might of done there let alone what they really would have done. To solve the problem, Straczynski looked at the story from a local perspective from government to military. He followed the thread from who would have been called first when something mysterious crashed, who they would have called and how the story would have first spread.

Art on that will be by Geoff Shaw and Matt Banning.

There are a couple interesting angles to this.  First off, both the writer and artist of the best-selling Superman: Earth One are now working for legendary.  Secondly, we already told you about JMS re-setting up his Joe’s Comics shingle at Image. Assuming he still has some projects at DC, that would put him at 3 publishers right now.

In the first Legendary story, I’d commented the Waid was getting around a little, with work at Legendary, Marvel, and Thrillbent (with an anticipated announcement at Top Cow).  Ed Brubaker’s splitting time between Image and Marvel.  Grant Morrison’s got an Image book coming up, besides his DC work.

Are we in emerging trend territory here?  (OK, maybe returning trend might be more accurate.