Okay how to figure this out? A press release touts that nerdlebrity supreme John Barrowman is starring in something called Acursian. but it’s a webcomic – a joint venture of Webtoon and Legendary Comics.  The comic is co-created by Barrowman, his sister Carole Barrowman and  Erika Lewis (Game of Shadows and Firebrand: The Initiation of Natali Presano) with art by Beni Lobel and designs by Tommy Lee Edwards. The story was under development as Cursed and was to come out from Legendary – presumably in print form. Webtoon offers digital first distribution.

So starring in this case is a more malleable term meaning, the hero’s appearance is based on? Or are we just at that post-reality time when everything is bendy?

We’ll find out on 11:59pm EST on Thursday, September 13 when the comic debuts.

If you read the rest of the PR below you’ll see that the story involves Celtic myth (Barrowman was born in Scotland, one of the Celtic lands) – but I see no mention of the Fomorians and Yspaddaden. Hopefully that is to come!

Acursian (an Old English word defined as one consigned to destruction, misery, or evil by a curse) stars John Barrowman as Charlie Stewart who, on the eve of an important birthday, falls victim to an ancient Celtic curse. Stewart seemed to have it all: the big house, the fast car, the beautiful family, and a high-power career at a leading criminal law firm, but overnight finds everything spiraling out of control as his perfect life becomes a disaster zone of chaos and calamity. Every decision he makes, every relationship he has, every choice he’s given is doomed to fail spectacularly, no matter what he does.

 Embarking on a quest for the truth behind the supernatural forces re-writing his destiny, Charlie discovers that his ancestor Bonnie Prince Charlie made a deal with the ruthless Celtic God of War, Bregon. In return for the Bonnie Prince’s victory at the battle of Culloden, Bregon demanded the prince steal three magical talismans from Bregon’s own sisters. These sisters cursed the entire Stewart bloodline and now Charlie must settle a centuries-long family squabble among gods in order to get his own family back. Real life and ancient legend collide in unexpected ways as Charlie battles across this world and opens up realms of time and mystery that no mortal was ever meant to see.

 “We began this journey with John, Carole, and Erika over a year ago and are thrilled to see this project coming to fruition in such a gripping story that features—for the first time ever—John starring in his very own comic book, one that truly reflects his love for Celtic lore,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics.

“Did Robert just say a year ago? We’ve been stewing on this for CENTURIES…,” said co-creators John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman and Erika Lewis. “We’re so excited the world can finally read Acursian. Beni Lobel’s dark, entrenched style seduces from the first panel. Goddesses and gods, fate and time be damned, Charlie Stewart is embarking on a sometimes dangerous—sometimes sexy—sometimes strange and magical quest to get his life back, and you can come along for the ride.”

 “We’re beyond excited to continue our partnership with Legendary and can’t wait for our readers to experience the world of Acursian that John, Carole, Erika, and Beni are creating,” said Webtoon Head of Content Tom Akel.

Readers can download the official Webtoon app by visiting the Apple App Store and Google Play.


  1. Not sure about this but I just hope Barrowman is in Arrow whenever that show chooses to have its final season.

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