There is no shortage of thrills in Acursian on Webtoon, the time-traveling fantasy series starring John Barrowman. 

John Barrowman stars as Charlie Stewart in Acursian on Webtoon.

The series follows Charlie Stewart, a lawyer who finds himself on the receiving end of an ancient Celtic curse that sees his luck crumbling at an alarming rate. It seems that no matter how hard he works or what decisions he makes, he is doomed to failure as a consequence of a deal one of his ancestors made long ago with Bregon, the Celtic Deity of War. In order to overturn the curse and restore reality as he knows it, Charlie and his closet friend, Nate, embark on a mission to hunt down the talismans that can help them achieve their goal.

Acursian Chapter 10

Readers will recognize John Barrowman, who stars in the comic as Charlie, from his many on-screen roles, including as Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood and Doctor Who. His previous writing work includes a comic that expanded on Torchwood called Captain Jack and the Selkie.

In addition to John Barrowman, the Webtoon series features a creative team that includes Carole Barrowman, John’s older sister, as well as Erika Lewis, who has previously collaborated with the Barrowman siblings as a producer on G4’s “Attack of the Show!” Acursian also features art by Beni Lobel as well as designs by Tommy Lee Edwards.

Acursian is approaching the thrilling conclusion of its first season, so now is an ideal time to catch up on the series before the season finale. You can read Acursian for free right now on the Webtoon app or on the Webtoon website. The series features music for each episode, so if possible, you’ll want to be sure and check it out somewhere that you can enjoy the story with your sound on!