ThinkingOfRob.com (a Twilight fansite) reports:

MTV will be live streaming Comic-Con for people outside of the US. Click here for the live stream. The live stream will begin at 6PM in the UK, 7PM Europe, 1PM EST and 10AM PST

Oh, wait… that’s not the live stream of the Con, but of a Twilight interview.

Still, it’s good video, it’s not blocked here in the States, and tomorrow they’ll be doing it again with the cast of the Expendables:


I wonder what the mothership offers?



Not bad…  I tried the embed code for the live streams, but it doesn’t link back to the video I was watching.

Just a sec…  Wow… seven hours of video on that link!  Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, and many more!

It’s kinda cool to watch… it’s all raw, so you see them prepping guests before going “live”.

It’s like the Today Show, but for Geeks, and seven hours instead of four.  All they need is a chimpanzee.  Vootie!