Apparently people are ALREADY LINED UP for the Twilight Panel on Thursday. I hope they found a place to pee!


Also, the Hilton wrap, as expected, is COWBOYS & ALIENS.
So much for Universal getting spooked by SCOTT PILGRIM. With the big red carpet premiere and this, it shows that huge displays at Comic-Con are like Pringles –you can’t have just one.



  1. SDCC11: The vastly overblown spectacle has already begun??

    You mean the annual Comicsratti ritual of reporting/commenting/analysing of Comic-Con, and What it all means [to me]? Done by those attending the yearly Cali confab… and by those who’re NOT?

    Pass the popcorn. (But avoid the dry bagels.)

    /fun with Con analyses

  2. does the twi panel do, like, giveaways or something? why would anyone wait 48+ hours to see this? im seriously asking, not making a joke.

  3. No surprise.

    A few weeks ago, I went to a “Super 8” sneak preview. The film was scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and, knowing that such sneak previews are “first-come, first-serve,” I wanted to get to the theater about 6:00 — a strategy that has worked just fine in the past. Well, for various reasons, I was running late, but although I didn’t get there until 45 minutes before showtime (and despite a very long line), I just managed to squeak in and get one of the last remaining seats.

    While waiting for the show to start, I couldn’t help listening to the conversation next to me between two obvious young fanboys. Curious, I asked them when they arrived at the theater. “11 o’clock this morning,” the one closest to me cheerfully answered. “We were the first in line!”

    No doubt.

    My first thought was, “Geez, some of us have to work!” But upon reflection, I remembered the enthusiasm that I also used to have about such things when I was a young fanboy.

    Then again, even when I was at the most fanboyish stage of my life, I don’t think I’ve ever waited in line for more than a few hours for ANYTHING!

  4. Joe, to the “Twilight” fandom, going to Comic Con is their only chance to see their heroes in person. After all, to a young girl (or her mother), seeing Robert Pattinson is like what attending a Beatles concert was to another age. The teen idol of their generation…

    Plus you can say you were there. I went to the final “Lost” panel at Comic Con and while I didn’t wait all night for a seat, I did wait a few hours and while I could have seen the festivities later on line, I sure am glad I was there…