Can there ever be enough Jiro Taniguchi? Not really — and a new book is on its way for Comic-Con:

Fanfare/Ponent Mon, premier translator of international graphic novels is excited to announce the exclusive debut of A ZOO IN WINTER, the latest translation by fan-favorite Jiro Taniguchi.

A ZOO IN WINTER will not be available to the public for several weeks, but the publisher is freighting a limited number of copies directly from the printer to the convention.  

A ZOO IN WINTER is presented complete in a single hardcover volume, the first Fanfare Taniguchi translation to be presented as such. It retails for $23.00.

Attendees are urged to get their copies early as quantities are extremely limited and will be sold on a first come/first serve basis.

Kyôto, 1966. The young Hamaguchi is working for a textile manufacturer whilst dreaming of becoming an artist, when an incident at the zoo forces his hand. He moves to Tôkyô at the invitation of an old school friend who also arranges an “interview” at the studios of the famous mangaka, Shiro Kondô. Here he discovers both the long hours of meeting studio deadlines along with the nightlife and artistic haunts of the capital.

For the first time ever, Taniguchi recalls his beginnings in manga and his youth spent in Tôkyô in the 60s, a wondrous account of his apprenticeship, where all the finesse and elegance of the creator are united to illustrate those first emotions of adulthood.

[About the creator] Jiro Taniguchi was born August 14th, 1947 in Tottori, Japan. He spent five years as assistant to the late mangaka Kyuta Ishikawa in Tôkyô in the 60s then made his debuted himself with the 1971 manga Kareta Heya (An Arid Room) in Young Comic. In the 70s he worked on several hard-boiled projects with author Natsuo Sekikawa before launching into their massive work Bocchan No Jida (The Times of Botchan) in the 80s. The 90s saw many solo works, including Aruku Hito (The Walking Man), Harukana Michi E (A Distant Neighborhood) and Sousaku Sha (Quest for the Missing Girl). The new millennium saw Taniguchi’s epic adaptation of Baku Yumemakura’s prize winning novel Kamigami No Itadaki (The Summit of the Gods) into a 1500 page manga. He continues to live and work in Japan.