Manga publisher Viz has just announced, a digital comics site which immediately went live during the con. Viz’s wide variety of manga titles are now available there in an array of digital formats, with first chapters available free, and first volumes available at 40% off for the first month.

By jove, I think they've got it!
By Jove, I think they've got it!

Customers can read manga they purchase on as many platforms as they like, from tablets to phones to pcs, without paying an additional fee. Customers who have already purchased manga on the Viz Manga iPod/iPad app will find their purchases available to them on the new site.


  1. Hmm, just checked it out. First title I saw was only $2.99 for 192 pages of content!!! That’s right, just three dollars for One Hundred and Ninety Two pages of manga content! Holding the line, at $2.99!!

    Ahem. But excellent start, and I like the “pay once, read it anywhere” aspect a lot.