The Dynamite/Disney mega partnership continues at SDCC 2023! Fans should check out the panel taking place on Sunday from 11:30 AM through 12:30 PM in room 23ABC.

Moderator Scott Nybakken from Dynamite leads panelists Greg Weisman (Gargoyles), Amanda Deibert (Darkwing Duck), Gargoyles artist of the past and present Amanda Conner, cover artists Lucio Parrillo and Clayton Crain, and more in a discussion about “The Dynamite Disney era of comic books” that “kicked off with the smash hit return of the beloved Gargoyles to the comic book page.”

Disney Villains

Franchise creator and longtime champion Weisman (Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man) has been writing the series, joined by artist George Kambadais, to rave reviews. Through the overwhelming support of fans, a second companion title Gargoyles: Dark Ages just recently launched, delving into the long ago past of the characters and their lore, which fans have waited years to see. At the panel, behind-the-scenes details and teases of upcoming Gargoyles stories will be shared, plus a first look at a project releasing in October.

Disney Villains

Darkwing Duck’s team Amanda Deibert and Carlo Cid Lauro have wowed longtime Darkwing and Disney Duck fans with their seamless blended style and capturing of the classic show alongside modern sensibilities. Plus, the just-announced spinoff Negaduck by Jeff Parker and Ciro Cangialosi is coming up.

Disney Villains Disney Villains

With favorites like Scar from The Lion King, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and Hades from Hercules on the list so far, Dynamite’s take on the Disney Villains pantheon has been a treat for all kinds of fans. The panel will discuss these three series so far and what may be coming up down the line.