It’s the Wednesday of San Diego Comic-Con, which means a lot of you are already on your way or getting ready to leave right now. SDCC is a massive affair, so make sure you drink some water, wear comfy shoes, and make a game plan.

You can always check the official SDCC convention map to find out everything. But if you’re looking for that special person and that special purchase, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack. As folks post their plans on social media, here’s a quick guide on where some of your favorite comic creators are for SDCC.

Twitter’s API being what it is today, we’ve included links to each creators tweets in case they are not loading. If we missed you or your information has changed, please let us know.

Wash Day Diaries author Jamila Rowser will be signing books and hosting panels.

Jazzlyn Stone will be moderating a number of panels, as well as hosting an off-site creator mixer.

Jeremy Adams (Green Lantern, Flashpoint Beyond) will be signing at the DC booth and talking about Knight Terrors at the Dawn of DC panel.

David Petersen will be talking all things Mouse Guard at Booth 5006.

Rich Douek (Magic: The Gathering, Breath of Shadows) will be doing signings for IDW and BOOM! studios.

David Pepose (Moon Knight: City of the Dead, Savage Avengers) is on multiple Marvel panels and will be doing some signings at the show.

Tate Brombal (House of Slaughter) will be signing at the Boom! studios booth and discussing Slaughterverse on panels.

Victoria Ying (Hungry Ghost, Shang-Chi) will be appearing on multiple panels.

Liana Kangas (Star Trek, Star Wars) will be signing at the BOOM! Studios booth and appearing on multiple panels, including Thursday’s Star Trek panel.

Ivy Noelle (Anne of West Philly) will be at the Quirk Books booth all weekend and implores you to bring her coffee.

Henry Barajas (Gil Thorp) will be appearing on multiple panels, including “Comic Strips and Collections” and “Let Native, Black, Brown, Asian, and People of Color Tell Their Stories!”

Tim Sheridan (Masters of the Universe, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern) will be signing for Prism Comics and DC Comics and appearing on a panel about writing for animation and comics.

Amanda Deibert will be at Booth #4700, but she’ll also be doing some other signings throughout the weekend. For the full list, visit her website.

Amy Chu will be celebrating 50 years of Red Sonja on Friday, as well as appearing on panels about intellectual property and the perils of making comics.

Khary Randolph will be signing a limited exclusive Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer poster on Saturday at Booth #1529

Alex Ross will be at booth #2415 with a new Starfire variant cover for Tales of the Titans #1.

Moni Barrette will be hosting multiple programs throughout the weekend discussing the connection between comics, libraries and censorship.

David Baron (The Authority, The Batman Who Laughs) will be signing and sketching at The Field Bar on Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Cyanide and Happiness‘ Adam Nusrallah, Connor Murphy and Mike Salcedo will be appearing at Booth #1234.

Leeanne M. Krecic will be appearing on a panel discussing anime’s growth as a media and signing at the Rocketship booth.

Todd McFarlane will be on hand for a spotlight panel, followed by a discussion on upcoming McFarlane Toys products.

Jordan Blum will be at the Dark Horse Comics booth with exclusive Major Threats pins.

Matthew Noe will be appearing on the Bridging the Digital Gap Between Comics Publishers & Libraries panel.

Jock will be at DSTLRY Booth #2314 for various signings throughout the event.

John Romita Jr will have his own booth, #4900, where he’ll be doing signings and offering merch.

Ram V (Detective Comics) will be on multiple panels discussing Batman comics and signing at the DC & DSTLRY booths.

Mark Brooks (Judgment Day, Immortal X-Men)will be offering hand brush paintings at SDCC.

Have you always wondered what comics agents do? There’s a panel for that! 

§ Did we miss your schedule? Let us know!