By Jason Murphy

As with every SDCC, Sideshow Collectibles is a highlight of the exhibition floor. From DC, to Marvel, to Star Wars, they run the gamut of fandom to bring to life some of the most iconic characters in pop culture. Their statues and figurines are poseable and a lot more inexpensive than one would think. An average sized, 12 inch figure will run $175-$300 while much grander scale figures reach upward of $2000. Given the highly detailed artfulness of these collectibles, $200 seems like a steal if you ask me. Their life size, life-like “Grogu” figure costs the same as a Playstation 5. This alone may seal the deal for any collectors who demand quality in any art piece.

Sideshow’s booth always displays the best they have and it throws your attention and camera’s battery into overload. With over 150 pieces on display you’ll spend a good chunk of time admiring their art and trying to decide which one to take home. If you have never been to Comic-Con, Sideshow Collectibles is a large presence that everyone usually knows about. If you’re a con regular, I’m sure you spent a good hour walking through their maze of clear cases packed to the brim with eye candy.

Check out the Photo Gallery (photos by Erin Dillingham) below, and be sure to visit them at

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