By Kelas Lloyd

Any day now, Mythic Quest season 3 will start. In theory. Fans of the show might wonder if the season is being run by Ian Grimm and therefore delayed for new changes, especially as no air date was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. All we have so far is that it will come in “Fall 2022.” Well. That, a trailer, and a few interesting comments.

First of all, the trailer. Poppy and Ian have run off to start a new game, but they didn’t run very far. In fact, it looks like they’re still in the same studio space entirely which is good news for the show and probably both bad and good news for David. They’re not abandoning him, but they’re not leaving him alone. The cast is all here minus C. W. Longbottom (played by F. Murray Abraham) and with the addition of Joe Manganiello, and all of the returning actors and actresses were at the Mythic Quest panel at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday the 23rd.

Confirmed is another upcoming flashback episode, which have been fan favorites for developing the characters, and this one will feature Ian and Poppy’s origin story. Brad’s spent time in jail now which he considers as a win and he returns as a ‘janitor’ with special access all over the studio; we can expect him to be a menace popping up all over the place. Jo gets new evil missions, which she’ll be completing with relish, and Dana will flourish under the mentorship of Ian and Poppy, showing that she’s kind, but not nice and certainly not weak.

Rachel will be changing as well as last season made her realize she’s been speaking in a language she’d adopted because she thought it was expected of her as a lesbian who cared about equality, not because it’s what she believes in. I’m personally looking forward to all of this because even though sometimes the characters are over-the-top, they’re real at their core. They resonate. They’re coworkers you’ve had or you’ve heard your friends complain about, dialed up just a little so they’re more funny than awkward.

The Mythic Quest San Diego Comic Con panel itself was packed, with a line to get in for one of the few times at Ballroom 20 over the ‘22 event, and the gathered cast seemed excited about the show not just getting a third season, but a fourth as well. At the end of the last season Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao were told to ‘just blow it up,’ which they did without a plan to bring it all back together and they had a few regrets. Now they have room to set things up and really let them pay off and it’s a relief.

The panelists also discussed how they make the show feel so grounded – they have Ubisoft consult on various aspects to make sure what they’re talking about and doing is based in reality, from the processes in the office to the characters themselves which goes back to the fact that everything feels believable in this chaotic disaster of a game studio.

On a semi-related show note, the actors were asked what video game character they’d be if they could choose to be any. Charlotte Nicdao chose herself in Stardew Valley; Danny Pudi wanted to be Link in Breath of the Wild; Imani Hakim selected Eddy Gordo from Tekken; Ashly Burch named one of my personal favorites, Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 2; Jessie Ennis picked Teewee, the Tetris piece that’s three straight blocks with one jutting up from the middle, the one that has ended many a player’s hopes and dreams; McElhenney went with Little Mac from Tyson’s Punch Out; David Hornsby said Tom Cruise in Top Gun which… sorta counts; and last but certainly not least Megan Ganz wanted to be the right-hand paddle in Pong.

Hopefully soon the Mythic Quest team will be back on our screens on AppleTV+, and I’m glad to know we’ve got at least two more years worth of show coming in this series.

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