Dynamite’s latest round of announcements ahead of San Diego Comic-Con 2022 offers an exciting variety of new titles for the fall. Take a look at what’s coming up.

Cat-Man & Kitten Pounce Into a Wild Special, Jeff Parker & Joseph Cooper Team Up

The publisher has announced a new special story featuring the Project Superpowers standouts Cat-Man and Kitten written by Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, Aquaman) with art by Joseph Cooper (Ninjettes). The tale features both gangsters and boa constrictor men in one exciting comic.

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“An astonishing standalone superhero story that only Jeff Parker could create! Witness the heroic Cat-Man and his loyal sidekick Kitten as they become embroiled in a dangerous race to recover a priceless artifact that may hold the key to conjuring an ancient god of death! Can our classic adventurers evade pterodactyls, throw hands with the Lavender Gang, and survive the serpentine Snake Men? Find out, in this thrilling tale by writer Jeff Parker and artist Joseph Cooper with covers by Junggeun Yoon, Jonathan Case, and Jacob Edgar!”


“The Cat-Man & Kitten special is artist Joe Cooper and I taking the reader into the world of a relatively obscure Golden Age hero and exploring how cool that can be if you embrace the wild elements instead of trying to subvert everything,” said Parker. “I wanted to craft a story that starts at one end of the pulp spectrum and keeps expanding in scope. Also, we have some appearances from other Project Superpowers characters and we’re keeping an air of mystery around them that fits the feel of the book. Boss Editor Nate Cosby is bringing in powerful cover artists like Case, Edgar, and Yoon to really cap this project.”


Editor Nate Cosby unintelligibly chimed in, “MEOW HISSSSSSSS COUGH COUGH (sorry, furball).”

The character debuted with Dynamite in Project Superpowers: Chapter Two by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Joe Casey, and Phil Hester in a story that took Cat-Man back to his animalistic roots before returning to his heroic ways thanks to the help of his young sidekick.


“Jeff is one of the truly great writers in comics, and we’ve always loved his work at Dynamite as he creates some of the most engaging stories regardless of the character or genre, he just delves into the characters and brings the best stories with the artists he works with,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “His work on titles with us like Flash Gordon and James Bond Origin are among our most critically acclaimed, and elsewhere I’ve loved his work with Future Quest and so many top titles like Aquaman.”


Cat-Man & Kitten will be available for preorder in September. The book will release in November. It will also be available digitally on Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Cherish the Taste of Revenge, New Character Debut Written by Katana Collins And Designed by Marc Silvestri

Dynamite is introducing a new gal to their fans by the name of Cherish. The brand new vigilante character will debut in her own title written by Katana Collins (Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn), with some of the original concepts and designs by Marc Silvestri.


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“When the blood on the boardroom floor moves from metaphorical to literal, Cherish comes to play. Amelia Fellows was once like any other young woman. That is until she witnessed firsthand the betrayal and murder of her father by those he trusted. To get her revenge against some of the richest, most powerful people in the world, she’ll become the well-armed, high-tech vigilante Cherish.

Bestselling author Katana Collins and rising artist Gabriel Caitano depict Cherish’s infiltration and siege on the corrupt corporate world. The first target up in issue one is Unicon and its chairwoman Valerie Nolan. A more subtle approach is required, with Cherish needing to hide in plain sight as a staff member – and even seducing Valerie’s own son Conrad. When suspicious eyes turn to her, will she be able to keep up the ruse and survive long enough to get the evidence and justice she seeks?”

“I’ve always found revenge to be fascinating. It means something different to everybody,” said Collins. “Theologists and scholars alike dissect it. Every single one of us has probably thought about it in one facet or another, whether we call it karma, or delight in the person who cut us off in traffic getting pulled over by a cop. Some of us believe the best revenge is massive success… or of course, there is the ‘eye for an eye’ belief. Perhaps the only thing I find more fascinating than revenge is an anti-hero, or in the case of Cherish, an anti-heroine. Cherish is an interesting shift after having worked on Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn. Both are women dealing with their trauma. Both were pushed to vigilantism. And both are able to kick some serious ass. Leaving the questions… how far is someone willing to go to get their revenge? And will it ever truly help heal past trauma?”


Cherish and her overall story were co-created and designed by the legendary Silvestri, known for his contributions to Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, creations of Witchblade, The Darkness, and much more.

As for Collins, the writer has published over 25 novels and graphic novels. She’s best known for beloved romance novels, and with husband Sean Gordon Murphy, she wrote the chart-topping Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn. She’s also written and produced for television with Disney, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, and more.


Look for variant covers featuring Brett Booth, Eric Canete, and Soo Lee.

Editor Joe Corallo added, “I’ve always been drawn to strong female protagonists in comics, from Little Lulu to Wonder Woman, and getting to collaborate with such a great team on a brand-new bad girl vigilante title is an honor. Seeing what Katana Collins could do with blending action, intrigue, and nuance into Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn makes me confident that Cherish will be another stellar addition to the Dynamite lineup.”

“It’s always gratifying to work with some of the most talented creators in this art form,” said Barrucci. “A few years ago we worked with Top Cow and Marc Silvestri in developing new characters together. I have been a huge fan of Marc’s legendary work for 30 years since his Wolverine and X-Men days, and he’s one of the best artists who has ever graced our industry. We wanted to wait until we then had the right creative for each series, and for Cherish, we knew we found a great creator in Katana, whose work is fantastic! Then we brought in a bright rising star like Gabriel on art, experienced editor Joe Corallo, and all the great cover artists. We can’t wait for fans to dig into this exciting new franchise!”

Cherish #1 will be available for preorder at your favorite local comic shop in September. The book is slated for release in November. 

Alice Cooper vs. The Prince Of Darkness, Rodney Barnes Writes A Rock Fable For The Ages

The Godfather of Shock Rock himself Alice Cooper returns for an upcoming comic book from television, film, and comics writer Rodney Barnes (Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, Killadelphia). Barnes is joined by artist Edu Menna (Army of Darkness, The Twilight Zone).

“The Graphic Novel medium is perfect to give new angles to the fans,” Cooper said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “There is so much more you can do in the form of a comic than you can do on stage, and the Dynamite team helps take ideas to new levels. It’s just a great vehicle for storytelling, and it really has almost limitless possibilities. I had such a great experience with Dynamite on our last story, that I’m looking forward to working with them on more. We’re hoping to stretch the existing boundaries of the comic medium again, and doing it with the same theatrical, sinister sensibility that comes with the name ‘Alice Cooper.’ What else can I say but Welcome to my new nightmares!”

Alice Cooper is an American rock singer whose career spans over 50 years and who specializes in a theatrical stage show that features pyrotechnics, guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, and dueling swords. In the comic world, he made his first appearance in four-colored print in the pages of Marvel Premiere #50 in 1979. He’s also been the star of Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare written by Joe Harris and Brandon Jerwa, and he co-created the graphic novel The Last Temptation with legendary writer Neil Gaiman and artist Michael Zulli.

Rodney Barnes

“I’m honored to be adding a tale to the storied history of Alice Cooper in comics,” said Barnes. “Excited to see how the fans react to Alice facing his most powerful opponent to date!”

“Alice Cooper is a living legend, who has not only been a trendsetter but has inspired musicians the world over,” said Barrucci. “Our first series was an incredible one, and we needed the right creative team before tackling a new one. That team began to come together when Rodney Barnes agreed to be the writer on the series. Rodney is an extremely talented writer both in comics and in TV and movies, from Image Comics’ Killadelphia to HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. And Rodney put his all into this great series! We were able to bring in Edu Menna to illustrate, which complements Rodney’s scripts perfectly. The icing on the cake is we were able to bring in Rodney’s Killadelphia partner and incredible cover artist Jason Shawn Alexander, with Stuart Sayger, and Andrew Mangum. It’s a great series, and we can’t wait for fans to read it!”

With his background as a screenwriter and producer in Hollywood, Barnes has contributed to The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everbody Hates Chris, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty which follows the 1980s “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers. Within comics, Barnes is the creator of the Eisner Award-nominated Killadelphia and has written Falcon and Lando (Star Wars) for Marvel.

Rodney’s co-creator and collaborator on Killadelphia, Jason Shawn Alexander, joins the team for the lead cover, alongside other artists like Stuart Sayger and Andrew Mangum.

More information on Alice Cooper’s supernatural comic with Dynamite will follow.