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Do not ever plan to get some last minute task done at this show, like making a slideshow for your panel or finishing your mini-comic!

You just won’t do it!

Trust me on this. In the olden days I sat in the hall making Keynote presentations and ran to Kinkos to make flyers…no more. It is too chaotic and there are too many other fun things to do.

So, you have only 48 hours to finish everything.

No pressure.

There is one other hint and I mentioned it here before but I’ll do it again: poster tube.


  1. RE: poster tube:

    Get a tote bag with a bottle pocket.
    The bottle pocket, situated on the outside, is a perfect place for your poster tube.

    My one bit of advice:
    Set your phone to “Airplane Mode” when inside any convention center.
    The convention app or your calendar will still function to remind you of appointments.
    The airplane mode will keep your phone from searching for signals, thus saving your battery.
    If you need to access the signal, you can easily toggle it on. Check for messages periodically.
    A portable backup battery is also convenient.
    If you can, sit in panels near wall outlets, charging your phone (which you won’t be using during the panel).

    There are cheap USB battery packs available wholesale. You can brand your name on them, and sell them for $5. Or just give them away. ($2.50 wholesale.)

  2. If I’m thinking about taking the train down from LA on Fri/Sat, with plans of bumming a badge off someone for a couple hours, what are my chances of getting in? I read an article on here from 2012 about SDCC being more strict about entrance without a badge that belongs to you, but looking for more current info. Thanks!

  3. Oh, maybe the poster tube is to put posters in. Okay. Not a McGyver solution to storing energy bars and chicken wraps for surviving a con, rather it is to put your poster into. Or is it?

  4. I have enough work I need to get done here at the Library before heading down on Wednesday. Fortunately, my monthly reports don’t have to get done until after the con.

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