I am really really really hoping there will be some kind of big Guardians of the Galaxy display at the Marvel booth this year, liek there was with Thor a few years ago. But if not, there still be plenty of Rocket, as this first look at the Marvel Booth #2329 exclusives indicate. Here’s the limited edition Rocket Raccoon Ravager variant plush and women’s SSR tee. But muc h more coming tomorrow from And remember to wear comfortable shoes when you wait in line!



  1. It seems rather narrow minded to make a plush toy an exclusive, when I’m sure if the movie is any good at all, they could sell hundreds of thousands at Wal-Nuts or Tar-gets. Oh well…..

  2. I love the panda-appeal on the stuffed consumer money taker. The Chinese market will be all -Ive got to spend the time I used having my dignity chipped away at at work on this thing that advertisements disguised as entertianment have told me is socially valued… Yaay! As the vlaue of the dollar dips and the price of gas rises consumers that call themselves ‘people’ (and have no idea how to particpate in, or keep track of their democracy) actually spend money on this stuff…

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