Hall H camping at Comic-Con became a huge thing over the last five years or so, with thousands lined up all night, and for years people have been saying “Why don’t they give out tickets?” And finally, something like that is happening:Wristbands will be given out for the first Hall H panel of the day. There is a long detailed post on the Toucan blog about all this, but basically there will be FOUR different colored wristbands that will represent about a quarter of the hall each. And only people with the right wristband will be allowed in in that order. So…

When will they be distributed each day?

The first wristbands for Hall H will be distributed as people begin to line up until approximately 1:00 AM. They will resume being distributed at 5:00 AM at the spot where the last wristband was given out.
My friend is coming later to stand in line. Can I get an additional wristband for him or her?

No. Wristbands will only be given to those people in line, while supplies last. Anyone who comes later will have to go to the back of the line.
How can I save a spot in line for someone then?

Make sure they have the same color zone wristband as you and be sure that someone in your group remains in line to save your spot! Note that you can only wait in your color zone, and cannot join other attendees in a different color zone. Once the room begins loading, any member of your party not with your group may not get in to the room.

The Unofficial SDCC Blog has a post about the practical effects of all this and basically what it will do is cut down on line waiters. You’ll have to be there between 1am and 5 am to get your wristbands and not comfy at home showering, going to the bathroom and eating Doritos. I haven’t had time to delve into the outcry over this announcement but this exchange from the comments was funny enough to repeat:

The Great Leon
These people are coming off like cry babies. I sleep outside because I am a hardcore fan, that is what hardcore fans do. Most people that sleep out want to, we are not being forced to.

CC caters to the cry babies a lot, they changed the way badges are bought because of them. You use to be able to buy next years badges at the event. It was a good way to spread people out I think. You had to line up early and I didn’t mind.

CCI caters to idiots, or excuse me “hardcore” as you call it. Why do they allow line-ups all night? Why do they allow people to leave line to go to the bathroom and jump back in? Why are they doing this color-coded wrist-band? Why do they have bathroom passes to leave and come back? Why do they have concessions in Hall H?

If you were really hardcore you’d wear a diaper and not need any food or reason to leave all day. But lucky you, CCI caters to you to make it as easy as possible for you to be “hardcore”.

I’ll say it right now: NO DIAPERS. No way. 

I imagine the other practical effect of this is that a few people who want to go to a panel at 5 pm won’t necessarily have to be there at 1 am. But only a few. Also, it’s probably more of a pain for media without Hall H passes, but then it always is.

Seriously, I’m going to be in my room eating Doritos.

*Photo stolen from Collider because my Hall H line photos are on the other computer. 


  1. Quick correction:

    “You’ll have to be there between 1am and 5 am to get your wristbands…”

    Nope, between 1 and 5 is when wristbands are *not* being distributed. So, you’ll want to arrive before 1 and then go get 4 hours sleep. If you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. Sounds dumb.

    I believe they also stated that having a wristband was no guarantee that you would get in. So what’s the point?

    I’m glad I’m over the whole SDCC experience. I actually enjoyed it pre-Twilight, but it has been hell ever since. I’m not blaming Twilight. That’s just the point in time I’m using to gauge my enjoyment.

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