As soon as I hear any news about new cuddly toys, you can bet I’ll let you all know about it! And I’ve already got one such announcement for you already, you lucky cuddlers of the Internet. StylinOnline have unveiled a set of San Diego Exclusive Big Bang Theory plush figures today, available both at their SDCC booth and online, as part of a combo pack.

You have your pick of either Leonard or Sheldon, as presumably people were worried about making a cuddly Penny figure. Each doll comes with a T-Shirt so you can dress up like your nerdy cuddle-buddy. Sheldon, who isn’t afraid of who he is and what he loves, wears a Flash shirt. Leonard, the perpetual worrier/one who looks suspiciously like a male model whenever he takes his glasses off on the show, wears a hoodie.

To the booth, cuddly toy fans! To the booooothh!!!