The doors are open and Janet K. Lee is already drawing things! And the first announcement goes to… KaBoom!

And so it turns out that KaBoom Studios, the best comics imprint there is (am I allowed to say that or should I stay impartial?) have announced a new comic called Bravest Warriors. Based on the new Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time) TV show of the same name, the series will be written by Joey Comeau and drawn by Mike Holmes. A space adventure following four young “heroes for hire” (sweet christmas!) this is a six-issue miniseries starting in October. Each issue will be 32 pages long, and be priced at $3.99. I cannot confirm at this point that there will be any sweet fist-bumps.


  1. If not the best they’re definitely one of the best. Snarked and Adventure Time are must reads.

    I don’t know if kids like their books but this kid sure does!

  2. I cannot wait!! I love Pendleton Ward and KaBoom has been *killing* it!

    Ron, my 3 nephews all LOVE the KaBoom comics I’ve given them. But they’re the ones who hated the Tiny Titans comics I gave them, so maybe they’re a bad control group? I dunnno.