Today, Wizards of the Coast and parent company Hasbro unveiled their latest Magic: the Gathering San Diego Comic-Con promotional box set. The special collection of cards is called Dragon’s Endgame and is based around one of the card game’s most recent expansions, War of the Spark.
This box set centers around Nicol Bolas, the mighty Elder Dragon planeswalker, as he commences his final scheme to achieve ultimate godhood. Flanking him are the God-Eternals, an assembly of beings who were worshiped as gods on the Egyptian-inspired world of Amonkhet, where Bolas built an army with which to invade the city plane of Ravnica with the God-Eternals as his generals.

While all the cards included in Dragon‘s Endgame were previously released in the War of the Spark expansion, you’ve never seen them look like this before. The SDCC exclusive set features the God-Eternal cards, including Oketra, Rhonas, Bontu, and Kefnet, and Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, with a brand new artistic treatment by Adam Paquette. Rather than showcasing their full and powerful forms, we see the God-Eternals’ and Bolas’ silhouettes filled in with scenes of Ravnica at war. Small details like the Parhelion II forming God-Eternal Oketra’s furrowed brow and a stolen Planeswalker spark forming Bontu’s eye add dimensionality to the cards and will delight long-time fans of the game.

The Dragon’s Endgame box set will be released in limited quantities at San Diego Comic Con and will retail for $99.00 plus tax while supplies last.