Scott Snyder and Jonathan Hickman received Inkpot Awards Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con before their creator spotlight panels.

Inkpot Awards are given out every year at San Diego Comic-Con to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to comics, sci-fi, fantasy, TV, film, animation, and fandom.

Snyder and Hickman have been two of the most prominent voices in superhero fiction in recent years, with the former at DC Comics and the latter at Marvel Comics.

From 2009 to 2015, Hickman put together a 200-some issue run that spanned multiple titles and ultimate destroyed the Marvel Universe (before putting it back together). He has also had extensive critical and sales success on creator-owned projects such as East of West and The Black Monday Murders.

In Snyder’s case, his defining accomplishments in the industry include a top-selling and critically-acclaimed run on Batman during the New 52, American Vampire, and the epic DC Comics event Dark Nights Metal. Along with frequent collaborator Greg Capullo, he also created The Batman Who Laughs, one of the most popular new DC Comics villains in some time.

Scott Snyder

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