We’re finally starting to get some details about the long-gestating Marc Silvestri Batman project.

From The Beat’s “Meet the Publishers” Liveblog:

  • Lee introduced Marc Silvestri to the stage. Lee talked about he and Silvestri’s history, leading up to an image Silvestri did for a Batman anniversary story. After Lee saw the image, he said that Silvestri had to do a Batman story at some point in the future.
  • Silvestri took the mic to announce his Black Label project, a Batman and Joker teamup called Batman/The Joker: Deadly Duo. Silvestri discussed the first pitch he submitted, which was rejected. Silvestri said he was going to have Batman never get over his parents’ death. He just sat in his room all day, playing video games and crying for six issues. HOW EXCITING.
  • Silvestri said the premise of his story is that someone is “screwing with” the Joker. They’ve taken something important to him and Batman is forced into teaming up with him after someone kidnaps Jim Gordon and starts sending pieces of his body to him on a semi-regular basis. Batman/The Joker: Deadly Duo will be around 7.5 issues long, according to Silvestri. Like all Black Label books, this one exists outside of continuity.

There you go – seven and a half issues of a Batman/Joker team-up.


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