(From left to right: Nick Lowe, Nick Spencer, Donny Cates, Devin Lewis)

By Brandon Pascall

Nick Lowe begins the panel by getting the audience to sing then Spider-Man theme song and then introducing the panelists.

Nick Spencer: The current writer of the Amazing Spider-Man

Donny Cates: The current writer of Venom

Devin Lewis: The editor of Venom

Nick Lowe shows off some art from Ryan Ottley on issue 2 which comes out next week. Ryan can bring in the heavy and emotional aspect and the fun and adventure that is required with Spider-Man.

TASM issue #2 interiors by Ryan Ottley.

Nick L then shows off the covers and art from issue 3-forward with the Tri-Sentinel as a main villain and some variant covers by Humberto Ramos.

Variant Covers by Humberto Ramos for issues 6-8 and More Ryan Otterly artwork.

The panel then jumps into Venom and shows off the cover for issue 4. Donny talks about how things are going real bad for Eddie Brock, Eddie is losing control of his symbiote and shows off some interior art of issue 4. Donny wants to give Venom his own rogues gallery and introduce problems that only Eddie, not Venom, can solve.

Ryan Stegman’s art has become a favorite for the office and the covers for issue 5 and 6 are shown.

Ryan Stegman Venom art.
Ryan Stegman Venom art.

Nick L then announces a new series called Venom First Host, a 30th anniversary on his first host and starts shipping in August to September which will be weekly and lead up to the Venom movie in October. Mike Costa will be writing  and Mark Bagley will be drawing.

Venom First Host cover art.

Donny then talks about his Web of Venom series which will start with Ve’nam and be a quarterly series which will enrich the Venom experience. Major bombshells will be dropped and the large story with Venom.

Ve’nam cover (Ryan Stegman) and Ve’nam interiors by Juanan Ramirez

Nick L jumps back to Spider-Man and talks begin with Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man which will have art by Chris Bachalo which will feature life changing Sandman art.

(Chris Banchalo STSM #308 cover)

Spider-Geddon is the sequel to Spider-Verse and all starts with the Edge of Spider-Geddon, this will feature single issues of one off Spider-Man stories, the first issue will focus on Spider-Punk and the follow issue will focus on Spi//er, Issue 3 will focus on an Uncle Ben who has Spider powers along with Peter Parker with Jason Latour and Toci Zonjić with issue 4 being drawn and written by Aaron Kunder which will feature an Osborn Spider-Man.

The Superior Octopus was also announced and will start with October and will be written by Christopher Gage and drawn by Mike Hawthorne.

Travis Charest cover for Superior Octopus

Spider-Geddon issue 0 will feature Insomniac games PS4’s Spider-Man.

(Clayton Crain cover for Spider-Geddon 0)

Spider-Geddon issue 1 and 2 covers were also revealed and then Nick L shows off a video of Christopher Gage naming off as many Spider-Mans as he can in 30 seconds.

We then switch into the end of Spider-Gwen and announces Spider-Gwen:Ghost Gwen which will be written and Seanan McGuire with by Bengal and Rose Kämpe.

Bengal cover for Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider

Devin will talk more about the series in October.

Spider-Girls was also announced followed by Spider-Force and the Vault of Spiders.

An incredible pool of talent was picked for these books Nick L stated and he hopes the world will enjoy them.

The Q/A starts here.

Q: How has the process changed from the 60’s and 70’s to now.

Nick Spencer: We are following the inspiration of giants, we have (the panel)  have read every issue of Spider-Man and we will continue to do so.

Q: Will Swarm ever renounce being a Nazi?

Nick L and Donny: No.

Q: Will Ghost Spider be in Spider-Gwen?

Devin: Yes, Spider-Gwen will become Ghost Spider.


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