At Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief,  C.B. Cebulski introduced himself and a few Marvel titles. Towards the end of the panel, Cebulski announced the return of The Vision with Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, Aud Koch with covers from Marcos Martin debuting in 2018. Unfortunately, no interior art or further details were teased! Stay tuned to The Beat for more information!

The publisher also teased Avengers Mountain, a brand new hide-out for The Avengers debuting in issue #8. Plus, Civil War II artist David Marquez is joining the title with interiors starting with #8.

Cebulski introduced the panel including Executive Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Devin Lewis as well as creators Donny Cates (Venom) and writer Margaret Stohl (The Life of Captain Marvel).

Cebulski started teasing Infinity Wars: Prime #1, mentioning the title features the debut of Requiem. Cebulski has been talking about this year at Marvel being the ‘summer of secrets.’ He has been able to keep some of the secrets directly referencing big X-Men wedding between Kitty Pryde and Colossus not leaking out. “The next big secret that will blow people away is in Infinity Wars: Prime” teased Cebulski. Lowe began to talk about the creative summit which launched Infinity Wars: Prime #1. Cates called the title an “earth-shattering thing” and mentioning it is the “real deal.” The publisher teased the upcoming issues and shared the covers for issues #2-4.

Cebulski prompted Lowe to talk the new “Infinity Warps” one-shots. “We’re taking some of our biggest characters and mashing them together” explained Lowe. Donny Cates teased hero, “Deadbolt” who is a mash-up of Black Bolt and Deadpool who “won’t shut up.” The publisher also teased upcoming one-shots including, Soldier Supreme, Iron Hammer, Weapon Hex, Ghost Panther and more!

Cebulski teased the new Sleepwalker title and mentioned the character was the first Marvel hero Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada drew for the publisher.

The conversation shifted over to Death of the Inhumans. Cates teased the new villain “is on a mission to end as many Inhumans as possible.” The Kree homeworld exploded in the X-Men’s Black Vortex crossover. Black Bolt decided the Inhumans were not going to join the Kree and there have been major consequences.

Cebulski shifted the attention to Cosmic Ghost Rider. “We introduced this character who is billions of years old who is the hand of the mad king Thanos” teased Cates. “It is so good,” said Lowe. Cates elaborated on how the death of Cosmic Ghost Rider in ‘Thanos Wins’ impacted his title. “I won’t tell you how that issue ends” teased Cates in regards to the first issue of Cosmic Ghost Rider’s solo series. “We are introducing about 30 new characters in Cosmic Ghost Rider.” The publisher revealed the Geoff Shaw illustrated covers for issues #3 and #4, Cates told the story about how Cebulski greenlit the Ghost Rider mini-series while Cates was getting a tattoo on his arm of the character.

The Life of Captain Marvel writer Margaret Stohl began to talk about the next batch of issues; “One of the things that he said about the guys was that we broke the story and that the hero’s journey doesn’t look the same for everyone.” She talked about Carol’s childhood in Maine. Carol had a panic attack on Father’s Day.  Cebulski mentioned he was happy that Stohl was introducing some new characters from Carol’s life in Maine. “It has been the most fun I’ve had with Marvel” affirmed Stohl.

Lewis gave audience members a primer on upcoming issues of Deadpool Assassin written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Mark Bagley. “It looks like Deadpool is going to suffer a loss in issue #5 and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Cebulski began elaborating on the Marvel Digital Originals program and showed the audience a brand new video teasing the program. Each installment is in continuity. The books include Daughters of the Dragon, Cloak and Dagger, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist: Phantom Limb. Cloak and Dagger #1 and Jessica Jones #1 are available now. “We really hope these [titles] serve as a gateway” said Cebulski in regards to the program. Lewis introduced a new foe called The Grey who is in the antagonist in the new Cloak and Dagger series. Cebulski teased information about the new upcoming Luke Cage series; “there is a serial killer on the loose in Harlem.”

Lowe began to talk about Daughters of the Dragon. “This comic is mental, it is hilarious and it is dangerous” teased Lowe. He began to talk about the friendship between Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. “This is the kind of stuff he (Travel Foreman) is born to draw” said Lowe.

Cebulski teased that Fantastic Four #1 has sold over 400,000 copies of the title. He also confirmed every Fantastic Four member ever will be in the new series. Cebulski explained a new hero named Victorious will be introduced at the end of Fantastic Four #1.  The publisher teased tomorrow’s X-Men panel to wrap up the panel!


  1. Props to Marvel for sticking with Akira Yoshida as their editor-in-chief. Literally nothing else matters after that.

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