Cats and comics. Comics and cats. There have been many classic comics cats, from Krazy to Garfield, as well as many classic works which explore the unique feline/human codependence. And to add to this shelf comes Madame Cat by Nancy Peña, which is just out from Humanoids.

I spotted this book at the Humanoids table at ALA and was lucky enough to snag a copy. And boy do I relate to this book. It seems a bit autobiographical, as it’s about a cartoonist who works at home and spends a lot of time with her cat, who, in anthropomorphic fashion, is always saying and doing naughty things.

I would know nothing about that. You see, I have TWO cats.

Peña is a French cartoonist with 12 other books to her credit. In Madame Cat she definitely captures the way we imbue our feline friends with all of our own emotions. But then they’ll go and surprise us with some new emotion when we’re least expecting it while doing funny cat things that brighten our isolated days spent hunched over a desk. If you liked Seo Kim’s Cat Person, you will like this book!

The art, in charming duotone which uses “memory blue,” is expressive and funny, capturing all the cat things we hate and love.


AND WAIT THERE’S MORE! At San Diego Comic-Con Humanoids (Booth #1632) will be selling an adorable Madame Cat plush. I spotted this at ALA, once again, and it’s totally cute. It’s an exclusive Limited Edition full-sized Madame Cat Plush Cat figure, and will be sold for $14.95 when you buy the $12.95 Madame Cat book.

And here’s a preview!


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