As SDCC approaches closer and closer, attendees best get their Exclusives shopping list ready. Last week Hasbro unveiled some of its initial offerings and for the Bronies who lamented the lack of My Little Pony Exclusive toys available last year at the Hasbro booth this will surely make up for it.

Courtesy of Romper. in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of MLP Hasbro is embracing the 80’s with the My Little Pony Established 1983 Greatest Hits Set. These radical toys feature thee of the Mane 6 (Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie) decked out in totally 80’s inspired threads. The set priced at $20 also three cassette tape-inspired collector cards. It’s a material world, so you best get your wallets ready if you hope to snag this bodacious set.



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