By Zack Quaintance

Twin Peaks fans are used to being confounded—it’s part of what’s for sale with the show—but it still hurt when Emmy nominations came out this month and inexplicably didn’t include a nod for Kyle MacLachlan, a.k.a Special Agent Dale Cooper, a.k.a. the villainous Mr. C, a.k.a. Dougie.

Not even a nomination! For a guy who played four complex and disparate parts in one season to perfection!…is what those fans probably said to their friends and family who were generously polite about it.

That hurt got soothed a little bit at Saturday’s Twin Peaks and the Revival of a Cult Classic panel at SDCC, however, much like how soapy scenes on the show between Big Ed and Norma used to soothe viewers after Bob and the Black Lodge jangled the soul with those scenes of deep existential dread and panic.

Anyway, the soothing came courtesy of a text message beamed to one of the panelists from Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch, presumably from his studio high atop Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

“I am working with Phillip Jeffries to see if I can get there,” Lynch texted to executive producer Sabrina Sutherland. Followed by, “Twin Peaks fans are the best fans,” and then, “I got my days mixed up and I’m going to be there yesterday if not sooner,” and then, “It’s slippery here,” and finally, “In the Red Room, Special Agent Dale Cooper has already won the Emmy.”

So there you have it, fellow Twin Peaks fans…somewhere in an alternate plane of reality, through the folds of wavy red curtains atop a formica table dirty with garmonbozia that was likely put there by the man from another place or maybe the Chalfonts, Dale Cooper has his Emmy and probably also some damn fine coffee and pie. It’s a nice consolation, even if it is slippery in there.