Something mysterious is happening in Twin Peaks, which, yeah, of courseBut what’s going on right now specifically is that fans have started to pick up signs on social media that David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult masterpiece might return…again.

We’ll get to the good stuff (the signs!) in a moment, after first pointing out that Twin Peaks last returned and aired 18 episodes on Showtime in 2017, bringing audiences back to the world of the show, which they hadn’t seen since it yielded two seasons of network television and one full-length movie (Fire Walk With Me) in the early ’90s.

On to the signs!

The first sign came from Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch himself, who Tweeted this on September 18.

Hmm. Sure, that could have just been Lynch waxing nostalgic, fondly remembering his time working up there on the show. But that’s not all. Earlier this week one of the most prominent related fan accounts — TWIN PEAKS ARCHIVE — on Twitter also posted this…

Now, we’re building a case…just like Special Agent Dale Cooper of the FBI when he first arrived in Twin Peaks to investigate the death of Laura Palmer all those years ago, eventually finding himself lost in a maze of metaphysical horrors that would come to define his entire life, sending him on that blurred reality road trip through Texas we saw at the end of last season.

What year is this? Oh right! And I also have more potential evidence to share, this time over on Instagram, where Deputy Hawk (real name Michael Horse) posted this…


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Looks like someone has a secret. Finally, the last one comes from Kyle MacLachlan himself, who drops a hint about the favorite food in the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department…

It’s the pause that gives me pause. Anyway, this sure feels like a concentrated effort to hint that something’s up. For now, however, this whole matter will have to remain steeped in ambiguity, lacking any official or concrete explanation, which is perhaps fitting given the subject matter.


  1. The stuff happening in King County, Washington was likely NOT “Twin Peaks” related. County executive Dow Constantine is pushing a new initiative to encourage more studios to film there, and Lynch was merely in attendance to support the plan. The Salish dining area was shut down so meetings could take place re: this…again, nothing to do with “Twin Peaks.”

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