by Davey Nieves


San Diego Comic Con International 2016 is now officially on! Thousands will pass through the hallowed convention floor clamouring for poster tubes, pins, pictures of cosplayers, and maybe even comics. The Beat was privileged enough to get an invite to check out 20th Century Fox’s “Tomb of Apocalypse” survival room booth on the SDCC floor during preview night.

Celebrating the X-Men universe on film has never been so intense.


To promote the film’s upcoming Blu-Ray release in October, those who are deemed worthy will be brought inside a cosy, decked-out tomb [is there any better kind of tomb? – ed.] where you’ll have to split in multiple groups and solve puzzles to unlock the only thing that can stop the rebirth of Apocalypse. We can’t tell you too much more because then this post would turn into a cheat guide, but here’s some of what we saw inside:

TOA - center