Using data of sales and sales velocity on their auction platform ver the last ten years, eBay has taken crack at picking the most popular pop culture franchises. And to little surprise, the #1 franchise is Star Wars, with nearly $600 million in merchandise sold, followed by Batman with $216 million. Interestingly Marvel’s highest ranking franchise is X-Men with $11 million.

They’ve also released a chart showing the fastest growing franchises, and the winner is Mr. Robot, which will also come as no surprise to savvy observers. The hacker drama has been growing a pretty fervent fanbase and the pop-up activation on Fourth Street here at Comic-Con is very impressive in its low-key way.


If you’re wondering about Pokemon Go is, according to eBay, a Pokémon-related item sells every 12 seconds globally, up 57∞ from its average ver the last ten years.

More velocity stats of popular merchandise on eBay over the last ten years globally:
· Star Wars: one item sold every 14 seconds

· Pokémon: one item sold every 28 seconds

· Batman: one item sold every 37 seconds

· Transformers: one item sold every 60 seconds

· Superman: one item sold every 72 seconds

· Harry Potter: one item sold every 75 seconds
This is certainly only *A* metric for gauging the relative success of various op culture franchises (Disney/Marvel’s licensing arm is ways more successful then eBay’s stats show) but its a good talking point.


  1. I am kind of shocked that Spider-Man,Hulk or Avengers didn`t crack the top 15.
    That really surprised me.

  2. Did “Mr Robot” go from 1 fan to 4, thus attaining a 400% increase? Nobody cares about this show. It’s getting a 1.0 rating.

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