It’s finally time to pick up on some of that quality Lego content I know Beat readers crave. The Lego Batman Movie looks to be everywhere at SDCC this year, promoted all over the place – and Lego have quickly picked up the pace with the announcement of two new Lego sets tying into the upcoming animated movie.


First up we have the, uh, Batmobile? The strangest looking Batmobile you ever did see. It looks like a hearse sprouted wheely legs and started reading Steve King novels. The set is accompanied by Lego Batman himself, as well as a goggle-wearing Robin, Man-Bat, and, bizarrely, the Kabuki Twins. Remember them? Not many do.


The second set sees Joker’s lowrider (er….?) take centre-place, with a surprisingly simple Joker redesign paired up alongside a surprisingly detailed Harley Quinn. This is something like the sixth variant of Harley we’ve seen in Lego form over the last few years – clearly she’s popular, to nobody’s surprise. The final member of this set is perhaps the most interesting, though – Batgirl, as voiced in the movie by Rosario Dawson. And it looks as though this Batgirl may well be a person of colour herself – which is a smart, interesting choice.

The Batmobile is priced at $59.99; whilst the Lowrider will be $49.99. Both are planned for release later this year – quite a while before the 2017 release of the movie.


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