Not everything that happens to Comic-Con happens AT Comic-Con, as evidenced by the news announcement just passed across to The Beat by ComiXology’s Chip Mosher.


This year saw ComiXology launch “ComiXology Unlimited”, a subscription service which allows readers to keep up with digital copies of their favourite comics. And, with SDCC here, they’ve decided to capitalise by offering up a number of new titles to subscribers – but only while the convention lasts. When we hit July 24th, this offer ends.

The titles being offered through the course of the event are:

Those are some carefully chosen picks there, with a range of publishers represented – notably, all of them from studio press publishers like Oni and Dynamite. They’re also a load of comics which would appeal to a wider demographic than most. Red Sonja and Buffy share a lot of similarities, especially in the Gail Simone/Walter Geovani run; and Giant Days is a book which nobody should be passing by.

So those are some nice additions to ComiXology Unlimited – you can look into it in more detail here.


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