Nerd HQ
Nerd HQ

By Nick Eskey

Over the years, nerd culture has grown and evolved. As we have become comfortable and proud of our geekdom, the notion of being a nerd has become accepted by many. Today’s nerd culture has evolved so much that it has a unique style all of its own. High-end comic and cartoon artwork fill our walls and shelves, our closets have designer shirts that feature our favorite games and shows, and now we even share the weights rack with meat heads at the gym: we have become chic.

The New Children's Museum.
The New Children’s Museum.

It’s no wonder then that such an event as Nerd HQ exists. Nerd HQ is a party/club experience featuring games, electronics, and popular media. Is there anything better than drinking a mojito while playing video games?


This year, Nerd HQ is located at the “New Children’s Museum” near San Diego’s Gaslamp area. Admission for the 4 days event is free, except for the event happening on Sunday. Registration is not necessary, but if you want to get the full access to the activations there, register online to get reserved a wristband.


Some of the features this year will be a picture booth, live demos of the upcoming “Star Wars Battlefront” game, a Hoth set with a speed racer, a “Lootcrate” table with giveaways, a display of the AMD gaming machine and AMD Radeon peripherals, and of course a fully stocked bar. A lounge area will play host to party goers who want to mingle and relax, and also to special guests who will also be on site to give live interviews and answer questions.




The HQ had a preview on Wednesday night to select guests, and the residents that live in the coinciding residential building. Not all of the displays were fully installed, and unfortunately the Star Wars demos would be available till the next day, but gameplay showed on screens in a continuous loop.

When taking a break from the main event, head down to the New Children’s Museum to check out Nerd HQ.