Well here’s a fun one.  On June 28th, 2016, Scholastic plans to release a graphic novel written by Heroes star Greg Grunberg and artist Lucas Turnbloom.  The story, entitled Dream Jumper: Nightmare Escape, marks the start of a new YA comics franchise for Scholastic, which is more well known for its traditional childrens’ picture books and novels, but has also made strides in comics with stories like Captain Underpants.234706

Dream Jumper tells the story of a young boy named Ben, who discovers he’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Morpheus rolled into one when he realizes he can leap into other peoples’ dreams.  He’s forced to master his powers quickly when a monster begins trapping Ben’s friends in their dreams, preventing them from waking.


Grunberg says the story was inspired by his 12 year-old son Ben, who “described a dream he had about a boy who could jump in and out of his friends’ nightmares to help them fight off bad guys and monsters, it sounded like a really relatable and exciting world to build a graphic novel.”

The graphic novel will include a forward by sci-fi visionary J.J. Abrams.