Well, this is not really hotel-o-ween. It is a nice, orderly, adult process known as the Comic-Con International early bird hotel sale. Basically if you don’t mind a brief 15-20 shuttle ride and paying the whole amount upfront, you can book a perfectly nice hotel room in Mission Valley or Hotel Circle RIGHT NOW.



If you know you will be attending Comic-Con, and you want to save money AND get your room in advance of everyone else, here’s your chance. Please read all the information on this page before clicking the link at the bottom to reserve a room.

A limited number of Mission Valley and Airport area hotel rooms will be made available for this special Early Bird Sale. You must pay for the room in advance and there are no refunds or exchanges. Please note: No downtown hotels will be available in this sale.

If you have a pass and don’t want to enter the star chamber known as the Hotel Lottery, this is a very sensible option. I hear the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is nice, and as the crow flies, it’s pretty close! Look, people come to New York Comic-Con and stay miles and miles away! IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL.


Of course, if I don’t get a hotel 3 blocks from the convention center I’m going to start wearing a cloak and writing poetry while I wander the swamplands of New Jersey, so don’t go by me.

The cutoff date for refunds on this is April 8th, so the supposition is that the actual hotel lottery will take place around then.

I think I like how attending to all the logistics of attending Comic-Con is no longer a one month burst of agony but a process that takes up the entire spring. You have plenty of time to relax, think about other things get some work done and check the @SD_comic_con (unofficial) twitter feed every five seconds.


UPDATE: Oops after I wrote this post I checked availability and several of the hotels are already sold out! Hurry children, hurry.




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