The floor map of this year’s Comic-Con has just been released.

It’s all here, the toys, the zombies, the heartaches. You can read the complete exhibitors list here.

While most folks are in the same spot — the comics core of the show with DC, Marvel, SLG, Bongo, Image, Dark Horse etc remains the same—there are a few changes. Video games have been moved over to Old Town in Hall A from their previous spot in Hall G.

In fact here’s the floor plan from 2011 for you to peruse and compare!


And one we saved from….2006!!! It was all so simple then…there was no Avatar or Adventure Time. And Marvel didn’t even have its own booth! But there were card companies and Wizard magazine and other things that took up lots of space.




  1. Considering that they’ve been grouped on the other end by the impassible WB installation in previous years, I’d say this is an improvement.

  2. I suspect I’ll be my own mobile panic attack zone.

    I’ve never been. I’m actually afraid of this con. If I keep taking the calm-yourself-down prescription I need to fly there, it could be an interesting week. Looks like about, what, a month’s journey overland between where my company’s booth is (Abrams ComicArts) and Artist’s Alley. But I hear the mountain pass is recommended for getting to Artist’s Alley from anywhere else–exiting the floor then reentering–yes?

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