Darwyn Cooke has created a “Ghost Variant” cover for FATALE #15. You can purchase it only at these shops.

Although shrouded in a bit of mystery, Ghost Variants are commissioned and purchased by the groups of retailers listed in the above link, and available only at their stores. The covers tend to be pretty spectacular, but arrive mysteriously and the Ghost retail group keeps it close to the vest:

I would like to speak to someone about Ghost Variant / When is the next Ghost Variant scheduled to ship / What will the next Ghost Variant be / Who is the Ghost?

Thank you for your interest. Ghost Variant does not currently grant interviews or discuss future plans.

This has led to much ire and anger among retailers who are not among the Ghosts and cannot purchase them. They sometimes sell for decent amounts on ebay.

It also led to the formation of the more open Phantom Variant group, which is led by Larry’s Comics and Jerpack. They also put out some great looking covers, and apparently you can actually ask to join this group, although you may have to submit to ancient hazing rituals to gain entrance, like eating a shredded issue of Infinite Crisis: Rann/Thanager War with milk and brown sugar.

It’s all part of the reincarnated world of variant covers, a sales gimmick which has been boosting a lot of sales, but not yet—as far as we can tell—in a dangerously speculative manner.


  1. Not a Ghost of a chance that I will ever see or purchase one of these; the closest retailer is hundreds of kms away. But goodie for some people. And thanks for posting the Darwyn cover!

  2. Nice art but I don’t buy variant covers. I’d be interested to see something like this as a poster or print. Art like this deserves to be on your wall and not in a box.

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