Okay here’s one of the more interesting booths if you’re into art and South Park…and they sent along a fun graphic as well.

Celebrating 20 years in the comics industry, theBLVD Studios returns to San Diego Comic-Con International 2012 (7/12-7/15) at booth #1223.  Creating the essential comic-con DREAM TEAM — SEAN CHEN (Iron Man, Avengers Academy), BERNARD CHANG (Supergirl, DC Universe Presents Deadman), TREVOR GORING (Waterloo Sunset, Torchwood), JOHN PAUL LEON (Earth X, The Winter Men), and TOMMY LEE EDWARDS (Turf, Brandon Generator), welcome their special guests for the show: THE BUNKER – the art department of SOUTH PARK; along with Hollywood writer/director DOUG LEFLER; lead storyboard artist MARK MORETTI; and comic book superstar BEN CALDWELL.

Premiering their secret SDCC exclusive sketchbook, THE BUNKER, the art department of Emmy Award winning show SOUTH PARK (ADRIEN BEARD, GREG POSTMA, TONY POSTMA, and NATASHA KLINE), gives you a rare peak into the workings of the fastest, raciest, and most controversial art department in animation. They will also be on hand to create South Park caricature commissions for fans. 

Joining them will be Hollywood writer/director DOUG LEFLER, presenting Scrollon®, a new format for digital comics. Former Valiant Comics Era 1.0 writer/artist/editor and current Hollywood storyboard artist MARK MORETTI previews his graphic novel ROBOTWORLD.

And rounding out the dream team is comic book superstar, BEN CALDWELL. While fans drooled over his Wonder Woman story in DC Comics WEDNESDAY COMICS, his highly-acclaimed work including THE DARE DETECTIVES! and ACTION CARTOONING, keep them coming back for more.