We’re not going to post every little piece of PR about Comic-Con that’s flooding our inbox, but…well…a lot is happening! Here are some of the most unlikely and exceptional events looming:

• The con itself is releasing many rules and suggestions, especially regarding lining up. No tents! The final (sniff sniff) Twilight panel kicks things off Thursday morning in Hall H, so this will be your final chance to wander the hopeful paths of Camp Twilight. Oh, the memories. And for those planning to camp out, you won’t be able to do so before Tuesday:

For safety issues we cannot allow anyone to line up in the Park until ALL tents, canopies, stanchions and work is completed at the Park. This also includes areas adjacent to the park, so please no waiting nearby for work to be completed. We anticipate that all work will be finished sometime Tuesday morning (July 10), however this is not a guarantee.

The camp will be also be tight:

You are allowed to have one chair per person of relatively normal size. You may use a sleeping bag or blanket as well, provided it is only taking up the space of one person.

Larry King is coming to Comic-Con! And he’ll be talking to Optimus Prime:

The retired CNN host will travel to San Diego on July 13 to interview Peter Cullen, who provides the voice for Optimus Prime on the Hub cartoon “Transformers Prime.” Mr. King has no overt connection to the Hub, or Comic-Con for that matter, but was both available and affordable; another choice for the gig, the “Inside the Actors Studio” host James Lipton wanted $70,000.

This same NY Times piece (which you may not be able to see — we’ve actually maxed out our free articles for the month!) notes that The Hub will set up camp at the Broken Yolk Cafe and city trolleys will be decorated with My Little Pony decor. Bronies unite!


• We haven’t been posting all the toy news we’ve been getting—Beat pal Paul Nomad has a definitive list with photos here—but we will note that Super 7 will have a lot of cool toys, including this one.

• In an event that will go down in the annals of Nerdlebrity Excess, Kevin Smith is going to interview William Shatner AND Roger Corman. The latter two are promoting films; Shatner a documentary called GET A LIFE!, which screens Saturday night:

Based on Shatner’s hugely popular book, this film examines the mystery, longevity and the cultural phenomena of Star Trek and its long-obsessed fans known as “Trekkers.”  On the surface, the film is an exploration of strangers who have for years attended conventions which looked foolish and almost laughable to some – but Shatner discovers the many secrets and hidden motives behind these individuals’ compulsion to attend these events.  The end result is a film that reveals a fun and touching side of the fanfare surrounding Star Trek, and examines the thrill of what’s happening at these fantasy conventions and the enduring popularity of the film and TV series as Shatner further embraces his role as Captain James T. Kirk and his own impact.

We’ve seen the Shat’s CAPTAINS documentary and it was serviceable, so this should be ok.

As for Corman, he’s blowing up a girl with ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER.

In an update to the great genre pictures of the ‘50s, Roger Corman’s first ever 3D film Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader follows a college coed who uses an experimental drug to transform herself into a popular beauty – but at a huge price.  Produced by Corman along with his producing partner/wife Julie Corman, the movie stars Jena Sims (The Vampire Diaries), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Treat Williams (Hair, Prince of the City, Everwood), Ryan Merriman (Pretty Little Liars), A.J. Lamas (Leave it to Lamas), Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul), Ted Raimi (Spider-Man), with cameo appearances by Corman himself and director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Animal House, The Blues Brothers).  Acclaimed visual effects artist Kevin O’Neill (Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Blade and Piranha 3D) directs.

The epic event takes place on Saturday, July 14th.


  1. Ah… the last year of Twimoms…

    A few years ago, the Trolley stations were subtitled in Klingon. Now it’s My Little Pony… There’s a mashup there somewhere… “My Little Targ”? Would a targ have a cutie mark? Perhaps the Klingon logo over a heart?

  2. I wonder if Larry King had to get a member ID and try to get a room and badge online after numerous tries? Yeah, didn’t think so. I guess Larry’s still on his “victory lap” after leaving his show. Larry, how can we ever miss you if you never go away? :)

    But yeah, nothing to do with comics. Not that Larry is the first. I just hope there isn’t a Stan Lee/Larry King mash-up comic coming. Scratch that! That might actually be kind of awesome in a Reagan’s Raiders kind of way!! lol

    I’ll be skipping the Hall H celebrity circle jerk and be spending my time in the Evanier panels, artists alley, and the Golden and Silver Age Comics sections. Yes, under all that pomp, one can still find some comics at SDCC.

  3. The paragraph about Larry King has some broken code hiding a block of text and making the links 404. I spent way too much time trying to work out the connection between Larry King and My Little Pony….

  4. When has Comic-Con JUST been about comics? Pu-lease. Whine elsewhere. Lots of media have been represented there since the first year.

    I go for breakfast at the Broken Yolk every year since it appeared. It’s magnificent! Regardless of the decor…

  5. The paragraph about Larry King has some broken code hiding a block of text and making the links 404.

    The link’s been fixed.


  6. It’s not “Larry King at Comic-Con”— it’s Larry King interviewing voice-of-mother-f*cking-OPTIMUS PRIME at Comic-Con.


    And for all you SDCC snarkers, don’t forget Shaq will be there too:

    Friday, July 13
    10:00-11:30 The Black Panel— Michael Davis (The Littlest Bitch) returns to moderate the wildest panel at Comic-Con, the Black Panel! Expect industry insight and outrageousness when Shaquille O’Neal (NBA On TNT, Shaq Entertainment), Jamie Kennedy (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment), Missy Geppi (president, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum), Reginald Hudlin (Django Unchained), E. Van Lowe (Earth Angel, the sequel to Boyfriend from Hell), and Steve McKeever (president, Hidden Beach Records), field questions from you, the audience. The most entertaining and informative Q&A you’ll ever be a part of. It’s African American Pop Culture and then some! Room 5AB

    Maybe I can get my CLASSIC and UPPER DECK Rookie Cards signed by him… Although I think I should leave those KAZAAM and STEEL dvds at home?

    Of course, this’ll be a cool bonus addition to go along with the other, Comics/Film/Science Fiction & Fantasy interests I’ll pursue there at Comic-Con.