Top Shelf has shared their signings and book debuts with us and here’s the list:

— Craig Thompson (redesigned Blankets Hardcover & Softcover)
— Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung Fu)
— Nate Powell (Any Empire)
— Robert Venditti/Mike Huddleston (The Homeland Directive)
— Ray Friesen (Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken)
— plus the new Okie Dokie Donuts (Story 1)
— plus the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1969

Also Signing:
— Andy Runton (Owly)
— James Kochalka (Johnny Boo)
— Jeffrey Brown (Incredible Change Bots Two)
— Jeff Lemire (Essex County)
— JD Arnold & Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf & the 3 LPs)
— Eric Skillman (Liar’s Kiss) &
— Matt Kindt (Super Spy)