Everyone is teaming up, it seems, and this is a superstar lineup.

Award-winning and acclaimed comic book creators Jill Thompson (SANDMAN, SCARY GODMOTHER), Brian Wood (DMZ, NORTHLANDERS), and Cliff Chiang (GREEN ARROW & BLACK CANARY, DOCTOR 13) will exhibit for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con International 2008 (July 23rd to 27th). With the explosive growth and popularity of the comic convention, the creators join a rising number of comics pros who have chosen to reach out to their fans by exhibiting with prime locations in the heart of the main show floor.

Located at BOOTH #1322 (next to First Second Books) and nestled between the busy publishing and retail pavilions, Thompson, Wood and Chiang’s booth provides exceptional convenience and the unique opportunity for attendees to shop at nearby retailers and booksellers and have those items signed by the creators. “We’ve had great experiences at the show in the past, but having our own booth allows us to stretch our legs and give our fans better access to us,” said Chiang, who is currently working with rock legend Neil Young on the upcoming GREENDALE graphic novel.

With the release of her new book series MAGIC TRIXIE this month, Thompson felt it was more important than ever to have a dedicated space. “We’re committed to bringing our art to the fans,” Thompson said. “Now you don’t have to go walking from one end of the con to the other just to find us. We’re smack dab in the middle of things and have our own address, so you can plan your shopping, visiting, and panels accordingly.”

Added Wood, who is up for a Best Writer Eisner award at the show, “Our show schedules can be unpredictable, so it’s cool to have a home base at #1322. It’ll be the best place to find me at the show.”

In addition to graphic novels (both current and rare, out-of-print editions), original comic art and paintings, the group will also have art prints, framed canvas pieces, tattoo flash and a number of commissioned sketches for sale at their booth. Check out their wares, chit chat and see what’s new!

Also debuting on the show floor this year is the group of Darwyn Cooke (DC:THE NEW FRONTIER, THE SPIRIT), Cameron Stewart (CATWOMAN, THE OTHER SIDE) and Dave Bullock (JUSTICE LEAGUE:THE NEW FRONTIER, ACTION COMICS) at booth #2207 (near DC Comics). The incredible threesome will have full-color art books and original art, and will host creator signings with some of their most notable collaborators, including Grant Morrison and Ed Brubaker.

For the fourth year in a row, theBLVD studio (booth #2707, across from Dark Horse Comics) will set up their own shop and meet fans on the main show floor. Tommy Lee Edwards (1985, BULLET POINTS), along with Sean Chen (SALVATION RUN, IRON MAN), Trevor Goring (WATERLOO SUNSET, WHAT IF? FALLEN SON), John Paul Leon (DMZ, EARTH X), and Bernard Chang (WONDER WOMAN, DR. MIRAGE), will be selling limited copies of their acclaimed sketchbooks, prints, original art, and commissioned sketches.

More than ever, your favorite comic creators are easier to find.