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Charles Vess
James Jean
Dave Roman
Dan Goldman
Mark Evanier
Cecil Castelucci
NakedFatRave a collective including artists:
Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, J Scott Campbell, Michael Golden, Gene Ha, Phil Noto, Tim Sale, Bruce Timm, Matt Wagner, JH Williams III. All of them will have some cool stuff for sale, like this con exclusive poster by Gene Ha: Yowsa!


Dan Slott
Ben Templesmith
Randy Reynaldo — check out his cool contribution to the Program Book, below.

Sean McKeever
Raina Telgemeier
Andy Mangels

Throughout the 4 1/2 day “Geek Prom” that is Comic-Con, Andy Mangels will be appearing on a variety of panels and at events, as well as signing autographs. Check back here for regular UPDATES! HOME BASE BOOTH will be the BCI section of Funimation Booth #4129 You may also catch Andy frequently at the Van Eaton Galleries booth (#501) or the PRISM Comics booth Check in with the Pocket Books booth for Andy signing FREE books (on Saturday), and the TwoMorrows booth and panel to hear news about TWO new books coming from Andy in 2008!

200707180127Alex Ross Art above
Jim Rugg
Bill Sienkiewicz
Ted Naifeh
Debbie Huey
Derek Kirk Kim

I be appearing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth (E11):
Friday: 3pm – 4pm
Saturday: 3pm – 4pm

I’ll be promoting “Good As Lily” of course, but I’ll also have some convention exclusives like “Lowbright” mini-comics and a new poster, all of which can be seen at lowbright.com. I’ll also be speaking on the Minx panel:
Saturday from Noon to 1pm, Room 8

Steve Rolston
Brian Wood
David Lloyd:

For any of your visitors who are heading for San Diego ComiCon, I’ll be signing there at DC on Friday from 12.30-1.30pm, Dark Horse at 5-6pm. Then Saturday at DC from 4-5.30pm.

* Neil Gaiman
* The Unshelved guys
* Comic Foundry
Penny Arcade


  1. Booth # 1616 – LAST GASP

    Here we go again! A great lineup of artists are signing at the Last Gasp booth this year. Last Gasp will also have a new release from Mark Ryden that will surely sell out quickly! (Sorry, no details… it’s a surprise.)

    We are proud to host Carol Lay, signing her brand new graphic novel “Goodnight, Irene” which the Guardian (UK) calls “sly, absurdist humour” and “a much-needed antidote” for the cliches of romance.

    Mark Ryden signing “Fushigi Circus”; Peter de Seve signing his Sketchbook; Mitch O’Connell signing the last copies of the sold-out “Mitch O’Connell: Tattoos”; Molly Crabapple signing “Dr. Sketchy’s Official Rainy Day Coloring Book”; and Romain Hugault signing “The Final Flight.”

    As you’ve come to expect, the booth will be overflowing with new and rare art books and graphic novels, and you never know who will drop by to do some shopping.

    Here is the lineup

    Thursday 12noon – 2pm Romain Hugault signing “The Final Flight”
    Thursday 2pm-4pm Peter de Seve signing his Sketchbook
    Thursday 4pm – 6pm Mitch O’Connell signing “Mitch O’Connell: Tattoos”

    Friday 11am-1pm Mark Ryden signing “Fushigi Circus”
    Friday 2pm -3pm Carol Lay signing “Goodnight, Irene”
    Friday 3pm-5pm Molly Crabapple signing “Dr. Sketchy’s Official Rainy Day Coloring Book”

    Saturday 11am-1pm Carol Lay signing “Goodnight, Irene”
    Saturday 4pm – 6pm Mitch O’Connell signing “Mitch O’Connell: Tattoos”

    See you at Last Gasp – Booth 1616!!

  2. Actually, Heidi, Rob Hanes is a comic book character (star of Rob Hanes Adventures, published by WCG Comics). That’s him second from the left.

    RANDY REYNALDO is the artist who did the Hanes’ tribute to Milton Caniff.

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